140415 Tuesday

Great job yesterday on day 1 of max week. Lots of PRs

Today you will continue to max out. Choose another strength to max on and also another WOD.

If you need to pair a strength max I would suggest strict press max the. Front squat max.


Week of 140414 Monday

This week will be a little different. We will be doing 1RM max’s as well as WODs
Over the course of
The next four days you can choose to max on any of the below lifts on any day. At the end of the week you should have a maxed on all of them.
If you are new to Crossfit establish a 3-5rep max on the struck press front squat and deadlift. We will continue to work on form on the Olympic lifts

Class will be an open format with the coach running warm ups then allowing you to choose which movement and wod you wish to do. Have a game plan and idea of what you are going to do before class starts.

Full snatch
Clean and jerk (full clean)
Strict press
Front squat

Double unders

150 wall balls for time

1000m row
50 thrusters 45/35
30 pullups

Thruster 95/65