We offer unique and FUN methods that will get you into GREAT shape at a GREAT price!

At CrossFit Billerica/Fit Results, we are dedicated to providing our members with continued fitness success, current health and nutrition information, and we provide the right tools to reach your fitness goals! We train individuals that have never seen the inside of a gym all the way to competitive athletes. The common theme amongst all of our members is they strongly desire to reach their fitness goals, they invest in their workouts and nutrition, and they take their training seriously.

CrossFit Billerica/Fit ResultsĀ is accessible for members 24/7 and each member has their own personal access code. Our facility is clean, comfortable, safe, and equipped with a high tech security camera system for your added peace of mind. We also offer the most advanced cardio equipment along with advanced equipment for our elite members! We strongly believe in embracing our members by providing them with the equipment needed for continuous success.

Oh, and just incase you were wondering-YES! We do allow and provide lifting chalk!