Emily Driscoll Cambo

Great trainers and great workouts! I feel awesome and incredibly strong after classes! Very welcoming and supportive community to new members as well

Elizabeth Marie Torres

21 lbs down since I started in jan. Love the community and the support from the trainers! You guys are the best!

Andrew I

I joined Crossfit Billerica a little over two years ago and it has been an awesome experience.  I am in the best shape I have have been in since high school and am the strongest I have ever been.  The price is a huge pro in comparison to other crossfits…


Dave, been thinking….its bizarre that i never got detailed olympic lifting instructions until today? Makes me wonder if I might be missing a bunch how – to stuff in CF? Anyways thankyou for the coaching today.


Fit Results is a no-nonsense gym with a fantastic staff that gets the job done. The crossfit program is great, and they make it so everyone is welcome. Although crossfit is known for “elite fitness”, there is no “elite” attitude about anyone there. It is a family-like atmosphere with people…


Just want to say I’m really enjoying the crossfit program at Billerica Crossfit.  The facility is great – I love that we have high quality new stuff, from bars to racks to bumpers. The best part of your program are the coaches, including yourself.  You      guys do a great job!  Some of…

Jeanne Arricale

My life changed the first session I had with Dave Innis; Dave is an incredible trainer and person, his enthusiasm, positive attitude, work ethic, and dedication is amazing.  He has been my trainer for about a year and half and the results are beyond anything I expected.  I am in…

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